Our fleet is made of traditional Gozzo boats!

Every boat is designed and built according to the techniques of Sorrento’s artisan tradition to offer the maximum comfort and a pleasant and safe navigation. On board you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere and numerous services such as: sofa transformable in bed, kitchen with high durability wood hanging furniture, drawers, refrigerator, inox steel sink, hot and cold water blender, induction hob and much more.

Gozzo Sorrento 56

  • BrandFratelli Aprea
  • Passengersup to 12 people
  • Length overall16.73 m
  • Length at waterline15.03 m
  • Beam5.50 m
  • Draft1.40 m
  • Motors2
  • Cabins2
  • Cruise speed25 knots
  • Max speed30 knots

Enjoy a relaxing sauna while navigating or indulge in a massage with Capri’s Faraglioni in the background. All this is possible on the Fratelli Aprea Sorrento 56 gozzo, the company’s flagship.

Gozzo Sorrento 36

  • BrandFratelli Aprea
  • Passengersup to 12 people
  • Length overall12.00 m
  • Length at waterline10.90 m
  • Beam4.50 m
  • Draft0.90 m
  • Motors2
  • Cabins2
  • Cruise speed30 knots

Lying on the sundeck or relaxing on the comfortable sofa while admiring the beauty of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. This is our idea of relaxing on holiday.

Gozzo Sorrento 32

  • BrandFratelli Aprea
  • Passengersup to 12 people
  • Length overall10.60 m
  • Length at waterline9.60 m
  • Beam3.90 m
  • Draft0.80 m
  • Motors2 x 315 hp
  • Cabins2
  • Tank750.00 L
  • Cruise speed22 knots
  • Max speed25 knots

Made of fiberglass with fine marine wood finishes, Fratelli Aprea’s Sorrento 32 gozzo has everything you need to experience moments of comfort and well-being.

Gagliotta 37

  • BrandCantieri Gagliotta
  • Passengersup to 12 people
  • Length overall10.30 m
  • Length at waterline11.40 m
  • Beam3.50 m
  • Motors2x270 Common Rail D
  • Cabins2
  • Tank1.40 L
  • Cruise speed27 knots
  • Max speed34 knots

The Gagliotta 37 mixes handiness and comfort, safety and habitability. Well-arranged areas, both inside and outside. Simple stuff, chosen with careful to details. A dry-bottom which warrants seaworthiness and sea holding.

Sparviero 850

  • BrandMaresca
  • Passengersup to 10 people
  • Length overall9.30 m
  • Length at waterline8.00 m
  • Motors2x160 CV Yanmar
  • Cabins1
  • Tank400.00 L
  • Cruise speed24 knots

Our boat Sparviero 850, a typical Sorrentine gozzo, has many services, interior and exterior upholstery to offer maximum comfort.

Itama 38

  • BrandItama
  • Passengersup to 4 people
  • Length at waterline11.00 m
  • Beam3.00 m
  • Draft1.10 m
  • Cabins1
  • Tank1300.00 L
  • Cruise speed30 knots
  • Max speed37 knots

High speed and timeless elegance, this is what distinguishes the Itama 38. Style and safety in one boat, to guarantee you a smooth ride even at high speeds, relaxing in the spacious cabin or on deck.

Sparviero 750

  • BrandCantiere Maresca
  • Passengersup to 6 people
  • Length overall7.00 m
  • Length at waterline7.50 m
  • Motors2x160 CV Yanmar
  • Cabins1
  • Cruise speed24 knots